Naples Top Restaurants

Naples is a world-class destination for beach lovers, shoppers, and most especially, food lovers. This place boasts a with wide range of fine dining restaurants and casual dining areas that offer almost all foods you can imagine from the best local cuisines to international menus, and exotic foods.

The beautiful beaches and bays are some of the common reasons why people love Naples. So why not enjoy a delicious meal while also enjoying the magnificent water views and the line-up of boats docked in the bay. The Dock at Crayton Cove is a great place to visit if you want to experience the best dining by the bay. This dining spot is open from 11 am until 11 pm every day. It has an open-air bar area, which is perfect if you want a relaxing place where you and your friends can talk about that fishing adventure you are planning while enjoying the food. You can check the restaurant’s website at

When it comes to food plus relaxation, nothing beats a great dining experience at a cosy place with amazing views of the sunset. If you want to dine, relax, and bask in the gorgeous views of the setting sun while sipping wine or any refreshment, then you should consider Sunset Beach Bar. Located at The Naples Beach Hotel and Golf Club just minutes away from The Dunes in Naples, this restaurant offers some of the best spots to watch the Southwest Florida sunset. It has also a bar area and live entertainment which is a good place to go to after a long day of beach combing, sun bathing, and shopping. Official website is

Italian foods are always a favorite and Naples offers some of the best authentic, Italian menus in the region. You only have to find the best Italian restaurant and one of them is Campiello – also one of the recently opened fine dining destinations in Naples. Despite being new, reservations are already hectic and a bit difficult to score but once you are in, the place will transport you to Italy through their authentic Italian dishes. Most ingredients are sourced directly from Italy to ensure that they only offer real Italian food plus an amazing selection of special martinis. With the open kitchen, diners can peek and watch how their foods are being prepared. There is a wide range of seafood treats, special meats, fresh, oven-baked pizzas, and pastas to choose from. Website of Campiello is at

For those who are not yet ready to call it a night after a long day of beach activities, shopping, and a hearty dinner, then stop by at one of the best bars in Naples – McCabe’s Irish Pub & Grill. The live music and friendly, lively crowd of bar patrons will put you in a good mood after a tiring day. You can choose from the selection of amazing drinks and have a good time socializing in Old Naples. You can visit the bar’s website at

Foods should be one of the top things on your list when visiting an amazing place like Naples. If you are visiting Naples and want to make sure that you enjoy the Southwest Florida beach, the tropical weather, and the best foods available, then you can start from these suggestions. Gastronomic delights and more await you in sunny Naples.